Why Do U.S. Companies Need Thai to English Translation Services?


When most product managers and business development executives consider hiring a language translation company, they tend to focus on the language translation company’s ability to translate websites from English to the target country. If, for instance, you’re eager to connect with Thai consumers, it would only seem natural to work with a language translation company to translate websites from English to Thai, but international business is almost always a two-way street. What many teams fail to realize is the role a language translation company will play in Thai to English translation for successful business partnerships.

What sorts of materials will you need Thai to English translation for when you work with a language translation company? It depends on your industry, but regardless of your sector, you’ll probably need legal contracts and financial documents as part of your Thai to English translation. Many companies have in-country partners in Thailand who hold a significant portion of the business partnership, given their familiarity with laws, regulations, and banking requirements in Thailand. Communication with partners in Thailand almost always requires Thai to English translation via a language translation company. Additionally, your language translation company may provide you with Thai to English translation when evaluating suppliers and distribution channel partners in Thailand, and much of this information will require your language translation company to translate websites on your behalf.

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One other often overlooked aspect of Thai to English translation deals with technical information. This is especially important for technology, medical, and construction industries. Instruction manuals, product specifications, technical operating guidelines, and safety procedures may all need Thai to English translation. Often your language translation company will need to translate websites which contain this information, and you won’t want to gamble these crucial Thai to English translations on the automatic web-based services which translate websites through machine translation or crowdsourced solutions.

Some U.S. companies have significant business holdings in the U.S. which depend on Thai suppliers. This is especially true in the food industry, where Thai multinational corporations have commanded a large portion of agribusiness and food-processing companies. When negotiating contracts with suppliers, it’s simply smart business to do the due diligence of having a language translation company handle Thai to English translation of contracts and other official communication. Plus, it helps to have your partners translate websites from Thai to English in order to compare Thai-published information with the information you’re receiving from any Thai suppliers or middlemen.

Don’t fly your international business blind. Protect your interests and build lasting relationships with Thai partners by hiring a language translation company to translate websites and provide quality Thai to English translation to protect your interests.

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