Unseen Hazards of the Car Wash and How to Avoid Them


Automatic car washes offer convenience, but they could also pose threats to your vehicle. Learn about these unseen hazards so you know how to choose safer car washes that will help you avoid damage.

Mineral Deposits in Your Paint Job

The Problem: Automatic car washes typically give your vehicle a burst of air to whisk away excess water. Unfortunately, the drier doesn’t remove all of the water. Over time, water stuck in your car’s crevices can leave mineral deposits in the paint job.

The Solution: Look for car washers that have attendants drying freshly cleaned cars. If you don’t have that option, dry your car with a soft towel when you get home.

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Dirty Bristles Can Cause Scratches

The Problem: Those large bristles automatic car washes use to clean vehicles often collect dirt and other debris. Those dirty bristles can scratch your paint job.

The Solution: Find a car wash that cleans its bristles often. You will have to talk to the manager to determine whether you trust the wash. Also, ask them about their refund and damage policies. If your car does get scratched by dirty bristles, you need to know what kind of compensation to expect before contacting www.arrigopalmbeach.com about body repairs.

Drying With Dirty Rags

The Problem: Full-service car washers that use attendants to dry cars can also present problems. A lazy employee could use the same rag to wipe down filthy wheels as your car’s body. Dirty rags often have small rocks embedded in the cloth. Those rocks will definitely scratch your paint.

The Solution: Choose a car wash that focuses on high-quality services instead of getting cars through quickly. You might have to pay a little more for the extra attention and detail, but you will save money by avoiding repair costs.

High-Pressure Sprays

The Problem: High-pressure water and chemicals can find small imperfections in your paint job. Once the water gets a slight hold, it will start peeling your paint off in chunks. Within seconds, a small, unnoticeable imperfection can turn into garish damage.

The Solution: Don’t use car washes that rely on heavy-duty pressure washers. Unfortunately, most automatic washing stations do. Look for an automatic wash that lets you choose a gentler, low-pressure option. If you can’t find an automatic wash with that option, then it’s best to avoid them altogether.

Harsh Chemical Can Cause Stains

The Problem: You probably think the car wash uses the same kind of soap that you use when you wash your car at home, right? Far from it. Many automatic car washes use harsh chemicals. They find this helpful because the chemicals make cars look cleaner. Over time, though, they can create stains and damage your car’s protective coating.

The Solution: Find a car wash that uses eco-friendly chemicals and soaps. If residues can go down the drain safely and legally, then they’re probably safe for your car, too.

Has your vehicle ever been damaged by a car wash? What have you done differently since then to avoid further problems?

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