Things to Consider When Choosing a CPAP Machine


Snoring is a terrible nighttime phenomenon for many Americans – and their spouses. If you room in with a snorer, you understand the struggle it is to achieve sound asleep while someone snores. For the snorer himself, nighttime is no picnic either. Snoring leads to reduced feelings of restfulness and possible health problems.

While many anti snoring devices are available, the most effective long-term solution is a CPAP machine. A doctor often prescribes CPAP therapy after a sleep apnea test, and in many cases CPAP machines can solve sleep struggles.

The doctor prescribes the CPAP machine and makes recommendations for machine settings. Several manufacturers exist to provide CPAP machines – and every machine must be approved by the FDA before going on the market.

In considering which CPAP machine to purchase, contact your health insurance provider to see what is covered. This will likely reduce your options down to a reasonable list.

For some, renting a machine before purchase can be a good idea as a “test drive”. Returning medical equipment after a sale can be difficult, so it’s best to have confidence before purchase.

Other factors found within a machine that may help with your decision include:

– The inclusion of a humidifier

– A complimentary carrying case if you often travel

– Direct current operations for car or boat rides

– Various colors or designs for children or adults who love to express themselves.

More sophisticated machines are able to log the times the machine was used, and others can record when an episode of apnea occurs. Your doctor may recommend keeping track of these things either for insurance purposes or to monitor your health for other conditions. The data is then usually downloaded at a sleep center, so consider the inconvenience of this before selecting an advanced CPAP. Still some include a special type of memory card to keep track of compliance data.

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Along with the machine, you will need to select a mask. Again this selection process should include both your doctor and insurance carrier. A mask does not necessarily have to come from the same manufacturer as the CPAP machine, and many find a combination of two brands work well for them.

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These are just a few of the considerations that should be made when investing into a CPAP machine. Support groups and your doctor can both walk you through the process and help you maintain a healthy sleep routine once your items are purchased. To learn about additional CPAP machine components that could influence your choice, visit this website:

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