Is It Time To Modernise Your Office


It’s easy to plod along from day to day not really noticing your surroundings, especially in the office or workplace when you are constantly busy with not much time to spare, but maybe the time has come for you to take a closer look at things. Maybe you should give some thought to modernising your office. Dated wall colours, chipped paintwork, worn carpets or grubby blinds are not going to give the best impression to any potential clients or customers, and are well worth spending money on to create a more modern finish. If money is fairly tight, then there is no reason why you can’t undertake the work yourself. If you employ other members of staff, then why not get them involved in a spot of DIY too by arranging a DIY party one weekend.

Occasions like this are a great opportunity for staff to get to know each other away from the usual work atmosphere, and they can be rewarded with bottles of wine or beer and a takeaway at the end of the day. They are also going to benefit from a clean and pleasant place to work which will boost morale no end. You’ll need to stock up on a few items of basic equipment to complete the job, but the cost will not be too great compared to hiring a professional painter and decorator. Don’t forget to budget for one or two items to enhance the overall look. If you have the space then a couple of large well positioned plants can look good and one or two pictures on the walls can help to create a modern atmosphere. Also don’t forget to replace the floor covering as dirty old fashioned carpet is not going to complement the newly painted walls.

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