Company Registration for Singapore Residents


Whether you are a lifelong resident of Singapore or are visiting Singapore on an Entrepreneur pass, if you want to start a business in Singapore then you need to register a company in Singapore. The reason you are required to perform company registration is because the Ministry of Manpower wants to make sure that all businesses inside Singapore operate inside the laws and guidelines that they have established. While registration of a company can be a bit of a hassle, the penalty for operating a non-registered business in Singapore can be quite severe.

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Given that it is such a hassle to register a company in Singapore, you might be asking yourself why you would want to. The answer boils down to the fact that right now Singapore is one of the main economic centers of the world and it will continue to become a more important and dominant force in the landscape of the world economy over the next several years. China is growing in leaps and bounds and this creates an ideal opportunity for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit to start a business in one of the best marketplaces available right now.

If you are looking into starting a business in Singapore but do not know how to go about registering a company in Singapore, you don’t have to give up the idea. There are several companies that actually specialize in helping Singapore residents make their way through the confusing labyrinth of the registration process. People who are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Singapore business registration can easily help you learn what you need to know and even do a lot of the work for you. Instead of giving up on your dreams of owning and operating a business in Singapore just because you are a bit worried about registration, explore your options.

While they are not the only company that can help a Singapore resident register a business in Singapore, the people at Budget Accounts are more than happy to do it for you. The reason you might want to consider using their services instead of another company’s comes down to experience. Budget Accounts has not only gone through the process of company registration for themselves, but have also helped many other companies go through this very same process.

If you truly want to do business in Singapore, then you will have to register your company. Not registering your business in Singapore is truthfully not on option. While it might seem like the process of registration is complex and difficult, you do have an option of having someone help you and take the hard part out of the equation for you. By allowing someone else to do the heavy lifting of government paperwork you free yourself up to focus on the vital aspects of your business such as finding a location, making deals with suppliers and of course hiring your employees. As an entrepreneur you have enough on your mind, so why not allow someone else deal with the registration process instead of letting it stop you from starting your business.

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