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Setting up Facebook Fan Page for Client – First Steps to Setup

Setting up Facebook Fan Page for Client – for outsourcers

Login to Facebook


Make sure you are already logged into Facebook under the profile you setup for your client. Now head to http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php to create the business Fan page. Choose the best category for the fan page. If it’s a website – the best category is Brand, product, or organization: Website as pictured above. Tick the box for Facebook terms, type in the Page name (ensuring it’s 100% correct – you cannot change it later) and click on Create Official Page.

Become a Fan


Become a Fan of your own page by clicking on the Become a Fan button.

Change Picture


Hover your mouse over the ? image, and an option to “Change Picture” will come up. Click on that. And choose to upload a picture.

About Box


Write something about your company in the box underneath the image. Just click on the text, and it will allow you to edit it right there and then.

About Box example


When you have finished typing, just click anywhere else on the screen and it will be automatically saved.

Add Blog Feed


Next we want to add the RSS Feed of the companies blog into the notes section. Click on the little + Symbol and then select “Notes”

Write a new Note


Click on “Write a New Note”

Click on “Notes”


Click on the little “Notes” icon up the top.

Import a Blog


Click on Import a blog.

URL & Terms


Type in the web url of your companies feed, and tick the box agreeing to Facebook’s terms. Then click on Start Importing.

Confirm Import


Preview the Feed, and if all looks well, click on Confirm Import.

Back to the Wall


Click back on the name of your Fan Page to return to the main homepage of the Fan page.

Wall and Notes


Check the “Wall” Tab – it should have a list of the latest Posts from the Blog, and also check the “Notes” tab – it should have a full-story view of the latest blog posts.

Edit Page


Click on Edit Page.

Edit Settings


Click on Edit under Settings. And change the Page to “Published”. Don’t change anything else unless 1.) your site is alcohol related, or shouldnt be for minors. Also, if it is a fan page that intends to hold contests – you must change it to 18+. But usually, you would leave those fields alone and just make sure page is published.

Edit Wall Settings


Depending on the type of page, but I normally have the above.. Posts by Page AND Fans, Default landing tab “Wall” (but we’ll change this later in this section), Posting abilty – I usually untick Photos, Videos, and Links for Fans – depending on the page – if you have a “celebrity” site or something, you might want to keep those boxes checked.



Skip past all the other things on the page, until you see More Applications. We want to install the Static FBML Application.

Static FBML


It will redirect you to the Static FBML Application page. Click on Add to my Page.

Add to Page


After you have clicked on Add to my Page, it will popup with a list of all your pages. Select the one that you want to install it on, and click on Add to Page. Then click Close. And head back to your Fan Page.

Static FBML – Edit


Once you have returned to Edit Page in your Fan page. Find the FBML Application in the list, and click on Edit.

FBML – Custom Tab


The company you are working for, may of given you some instructions on what they want as a Custom Tab on your page – maybe they want a promotion, a welcome page, or their products, etc. In this example, I’m going to make a custom page about the offer, but you can add almost whatever you want in these custom tabs.

Add Tab name and Text


I’ll show you how to make this pretty later in the tutorial, adding images & FBML-compatible HTML, but for now, I want to keep things simple. The Box Title will be the name of the “Tab”, and the contents is what will show up when someone clicks on that tab. By the way, this isn’t a real company that I’m using as an example – I’m still on the hunt for an ethical non-MLM travel business :)

Add extra Boxes/Tabs


After you click on Save Changes, you can choose to Add more Tabs, by clicking on Add another FBML Box. However, it’s exactly the same process as above, so I won’t create another example – just wanted to show you “where” to add a new tab if you need to.

Go back to Edit Page


After you have clicked Save changes and created more tabs (if you wanted to), go back to Edit Page.

Adding the Tab – Application Settings


Find the Tab name you just created in the list of applications. And click on Application Settings.

Add Tab


A box will popup with extra options, click on “Add” next to the Tab option to create a Tab on your fan page.

View Page


Now head back to your main public page (click on View Page).

Add Tab


Click on the >> sign, select the new tab and “Drag” it after your “Info” tab.

Drag n Drop Tab in Place


Drag the Tab where you want it.

Tab Move Example


So mine isn’t a great example, I chose a title that’s too long to view :) But now it’s next to the Info tab, right where I want it.

Delete Tabs you don’t want.


To delete the tabs you don’t want (Photos, Discussions, or anything else), go to the tab you want to remove, and then click on the “Pencil” icon. Note: You cannot remove Wall, Info, or Boxes. Facebook won’t let you :)

Go to the Next Lesson


You’ve now setup the basics that any Business Fan page should have. Next step will be to make it look even better. Head over to the next lesson for customization tips.




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