Smarter  Websites

Many people make the mistake of not making it clear to their visitors exactly what they want people to do when they go to the website.

The most important question you need to know the answer to when creating a website is this:

“What do I want my customers to DO when they visit my website?”


Smarter Websites means making sure that however you answered the above question, your website is correctly designed to lead visitors into taking the action you want them to take.
    • More Calls?
    • Appointments?
    • Sales? Leads?

This is the very foundation of what we mean by starting SMART and leveraging your marketing effectively so that you can get MORE business with LESS effort.

 If you want your phone to ring – put your phone number in an easy-to-find place on the top of every page and direct people to call you at every opportunity.

WebWooky Smarter Websites

If its more sales, then make sure your online store makes it EASY for them to buy – dont make them jump through hoops.

Remove any objections they might have (secure payment? confusion about how to use the cart? etc.) and direct them on how to buy from you.

Give them a pleasant, safe and easy experience.

If you want more bookings, then your website should have an obvious place where people can book an appointment with you. See demo below.


Basically, whatever “action” you want your customers to take, you need to make your “call to action” really easy and obvious.

Here is an example of what we mean by having a “Smarter” Website for getting more Bookings:

This demo video showcases what we mean by making it really easy for people to book an appointment with you. You can also see the live demo site by clicking on the button below:

View Bookings Live Demo
View Website Demos

It’s really that simple –  Do your visitors have any idea what it is they are supposed to do? Make it really easy for them, make it obvious to them, and direct them at every opportunity … and you will get a lot more leads.

Sample “Start Smart” Website Package

Our packages vary depending on what you need. However, here is a typical list of what would be included in a “local business” package:

  • Domain Registration for 2 years
  • Optional Hosting for 12 months (second year $129 + GST)
  • Google Map
  • Testimonials/Reviews – which you can moderate and edit & also uses hidden hcard for review sites!
  • Your Videos to introduce your business or products/services
  • Photo Gallery for products, services, and to  put a face to the business
  • Contact Page & Contact Call to Action
  • Facebook “Recommend/Send” Buttons
  • Twitter “Tweet” Button
  • Business Hours
  • Email Addresses
  • WordPress – easy to modify and learn, as well as SEO friendly
  • Training videos – if you want to learn how to update it yourself

Ask WebWooky about Smarter Websites

“Penny is excellent value in every sense. She’s most accommodating! She kept at our project until completed (in a very timely fashion) and worked above and beyond our expectations. I’m super-impressed and will definitely use Penny’s services again. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Just fantastic! Thanks very much.”

Will Roffé – CEO, AdLand